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Welcome Booklogix

We are so proud to announce that we have a new sponsor for the Best Young Writers contest, Alpharetta, GA-based printer and publisher Booklogix. We’d like to welcome Booklogix to the Best Young Writers family, and we hope you will all check them out when you have a chance. They do great work and have just about every service imaginable for getting your manuscript cleaned up and out in the world. In addition they have their own young writers contest, geared toward novels written by writers under 18 years old. So if you have a novel sitting on the shelf and don’t know what to do with it, send it here.


Dog Eat Crow Winter 2014 is Here!

It’s been a couple of months, but we’re back with our best collection of stories and poems yet. Download the PDF here, read it, pass it around to your friends. Spread the word.

Fall 2013 edition is here!

The Fall edition of Dog Eat Crow Magazine is live and you can download it here.

Kickstarter coming soon!

Many of you probably intuited this already, but the Best Young Writers contest has been, up to now, entirely funded out of the generosity of our founder, Tres Crow. While he is more than happy to support this worthy endeavor, it would be super awesome if we could get the contest to be fully self-sustaining (and hopefully increase the payouts, too!). Since it was free to enter the contest, the only way to make our  money back is to sell the anthology, which is slated for release late October or early November. In order to ensure that the project is profitable and to offer everyone a convenient way to pre-order the anthology we will be running a Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks. As soon as everything is up and running we’ll be sure to let you know, but in the meantime sign up for our email list so you can be up to date on all the information as it comes.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us through this crazy first year. And keep on submitting! The Fall 2013 issue of DECM will be released in the new few weeks as well.

Welcome to the New and Improved DECM

It is finally here! Click the link below to download the first official issue of Dog Eat Crow magazine, one the best magazines in the world devoted only the fiction by the under-20 set. The first issue features some truly amazing work by Arielle Wolff-Sachs, S. Beth Kimsey, Teresa Choe, and six other amazing young writers. Spread the word and enjoy!

Summer 2013 DECM

And the winner is…

After careful consideration of all the amazing stories and poems they received, the folks over at Best Young Writers have chosen Myra Stull’s beautiful, tightly-woven tale of destiny and romance, “Shooting Stars” as the first annual Best Young Writers contest grand prize winner. Congratulations to Myra and the 20 other finalists who will all be featured in the BYW 2013 anthology, which will be published by Shire Reckoning Publishing House sometime in the next few months. Stay tuned to this website or head on over to the BYW website or join our mailing list to stay updated.

Next Monday we’ll be releasing our first ever Dog Eat Crow magazine, which will feature some of the great stories submitted to us directly and in the Best Young Writers contest.

Keep the subs coming!

We are still open for submissions for our July/August issue, so if you’re camping on a great story or poem, send ’em our way. We’d love to read them. It’s free and easy to submit through our lovely Submittable page. We look forward to seeing all your beautiful stories.

Endings and Beginnings

Let’s start with the sad news: the submission period for the First Annual Best Young Writers contest is officially over May 31, 2013, which means all you procrastinators out there only have two-ish more weeks to get your beautiful words submitted. Don’t be a dummy. Submit your story.

The good news is you still have plenty of time to submit to Dog Eat Crow Magazine for our first ever real issue. Submissions have increased to such a point that we can now finally consolidate the best into one compact online volume. So get your stories and poems into us for the July issue. But don’t worry, if you don’t make the July cut maybe you’ll see your words in print for the Fall.

You can submit for both BYW and DECM here.


By Daniela Kaplan

I found her stopped in her path at days end,
hanging lightly in the plum dark night.

Her clothes slide off the wind-
weary branches of evergreen, never sticking

like a runnel of sap dripping into a bucket.

Men scoff at her,
but I doff my hat at her glow
where I come from, a show of respect.

Daniela Kaplan is a senior at Miami Arts Charter, studying Creative Writing with an emphasis on poetry. She has 5 siblings and enjoys reflecting the struggle of being a middle child in her work. Her mentor and teacher, Ms. Jen Karetnick has been the most influential person in her writing career.

The Space Between My Arms

By Sarah Alfonso

  When you said goodbye, the moon found herself half-empty. She hanged herself on a fish lined noose; her image cut like a lemon wedge. Still, I would take the sacrifice of that moon, capture the remaining light in an envelope, and deliver it to your door with words like,

I wish you knew how sweet it was to fall.

We sang for November; for the leaves that blew around our forms and traced us into the ground. Now the winter came pigeon-toed, shy in her walk. But she arrived, taking with her lost loves and harvest moons.

Sarah Alfonso is a senior at Miami Arts Charter whose passion in the written word has produced awards from Young Arts, as well as Silver Keys, a Gold Key and an eventual Silver Medal from Scholastic Arts & Writing. Sarah has been published in Creative Communications anthology as well as Figment’s Why I Write, but her main source of satisfaction comes from working with her fellow writers in the Creative Writing department as well as from her mentor, and “adoptive mother,” Ms. Jen Karetnick.